Super League Triathlon – Finale

Super League Tri Finale 2019

This weekend saw my first race of the season, the Super League Triathlon – Finale in Singapore.

Before 😁 During 😱 & after 🥵 This pretty much sums up my weekend of racing without going into too much depth! Really enjoyed the tough format of racing & Thanks to the whole Super League Tri team for putting on such a great event.

Beijing International Triathlon 2018

Beijing International Triathlon 2018


Back from the Beijing International Triathlon this weekend, great race. Enjoyed my time in China, it’s a super fun course, probably one of my favourites. Pleased with third in my first non-drafting race & my second podium in the Escape Series Triathlons. Congrats to Ashleigh Gentle & Non Stanford for hustling me on the run. A special thanks to Dave at Kuota UK for getting a TT bike to me & making sure I was comfortable for my first non-drafting race. I know the position needs work, but I’ve got to start somewhere.

Beijing International Triathlon 2018Photo: Rocky Arroyo

1. Ashleigh Gentle 2:05:55
2. Non Stanford 2:07:52
3. Lucy Hall 2:09:12
4. Barbara Riveros 2:09:28
5. Radka Vodickova 2:10:07
6. Paula Findlay 2:10:32
7. Sophie Corbidge 2:12:00
8. Andrea Hewitt 2:13:10
9. Alicia Kaye 2:15:21
10. Claire Davis 2:25:15

Binz Bundesliga 2018

Bundesliga in Binz 2018

Went for a solo breakaway at the final in Binz. The crowds watching kept me going, however, Zsofia Kovacs was just too speedy to hold off in the last 1200m. I did manage to hold on to silver though. Proud that team EJOT Team won the 2018 Bundesliga!