Super League Triathlon – Finale

Super League Tri Finale 2019

This weekend saw my first race of the season, the Super League Triathlon – Finale in Singapore.

Before 😁 During 😱 & after 🥵 This pretty much sums up my weekend of racing without going into too much depth! Really enjoyed the tough format of racing & Thanks to the whole Super League Tri team for putting on such a great event.

Beijing International Triathlon 2018

Beijing International Triathlon 2018


Back from the Beijing International Triathlon this weekend, great race. Enjoyed my time in China, it’s a super fun course, probably one of my favourites. Pleased with third in my first non-drafting race & my second podium in the Escape Series Triathlons. Congrats to Ashleigh Gentle & Non Stanford for hustling me on the run. A special thanks to Dave at Kuota UK for getting a TT bike to me & making sure I was comfortable for my first non-drafting race. I know the position needs work, but I’ve got to start somewhere.

Beijing International Triathlon 2018Photo: Rocky Arroyo

1. Ashleigh Gentle 2:05:55
2. Non Stanford 2:07:52
3. Lucy Hall 2:09:12
4. Barbara Riveros 2:09:28
5. Radka Vodickova 2:10:07
6. Paula Findlay 2:10:32
7. Sophie Corbidge 2:12:00
8. Andrea Hewitt 2:13:10
9. Alicia Kaye 2:15:21
10. Claire Davis 2:25:15

Binz Bundesliga 2018

Bundesliga in Binz 2018

Went for a solo breakaway at the final in Binz. The crowds watching kept me going, however, Zsofia Kovacs was just too speedy to hold off in the last 1200m. I did manage to hold on to silver though. Proud that team EJOT Team won the 2018 Bundesliga!


Karlovy Vary World Cup 2018

Karlovy Vary World Cup 2018

7th in Karlovy Vary World Cup. Went for a solo swim/bike breakaway but the girls chasing pulled me back on the last lap, so started the run with a 10 seconds lead!

Tough course especially in the wet, happy that I’m racing more like myself again. Next stop, the final Bundeslig

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